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Everyone needs a teacher, or at least a valuable second opinion from time to time, yet...


Life sometimes prevents one from having regular music lessons, especially when professional and life commitments are in the picture.


However, the joy of making music solo and/or with other people may live on in you!


Moreover, those of us feeling alive still have that desire to be better than who we were yesterday, even on our instrument and in music...


If this resonates with you, I've got just what you might be looking for!


For every violinist and violist who would like to keep your life in order but find that regular lessons are out of the question:  should you find (or are even just considering) having lessons on an ad hoc basis work best for your interests - this arrangement is available to you! 


The lessons can be for specific or general purposes such as:


  • Learning a new piece

  • Seeking a second opinion on something that you have already worked on

  • Addressing technical difficulties and/or musical challenges (eg. Musical ideas, fixing vibrato, sound production, etc.)

  • A prod in a general direction

  • Preparing for a performance/audition

  • Other tips, anything related to music and performance

  • Anything else to help you achieve your artistic goals and/or personal satisfaction!


Lesson of this nature are to be 1-hour in duration.


Please note that this type of arrangement is not suitable for beginners.


To schedule a lesson, please email me at:



Enquiries are welcome!

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