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Welcome to the Home Page of Concert Violist and Violin/Viola Pedagogue Jonathan Lee!



Welcome to my website! And thank you for your interest in the Violin and/or Viola of the Western Classical tradition!


Looking back, I have been very privileged to have had so many inspiring and caring teachers that have helped me become the person and musician that I am today. One of their most precious gifts was one of empowerment, giving me a choice of becoming a better someone tomorrow than I am today - a gift too valuable not to share!


As a music educator, I want to help you create/continue your musical journey through violin/viola lessons. A journey that you desire. One created specially just for you! 


I hope that you will find this webpage easy to navigate, and that you will find the information that you seek.



Here is to wishing you a pleasant browsing session, connecting music to your life!



Sincerely Yours


Violist and Violin/Viola Pedagogue Jonathan (Yizhi) Lee, Singapore

P.S. You can also contact me at! Based in Singapore.

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