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Why play the Viola?

Given my experience, I can safely say that there is something for every violist! Here are some of the perks: 


Growth and Satisfaction

Quicker Access to Better Environments

  • Good experience counts, and a fantastic environment is a big help in the context of nurturing excellence. That is a reason we often want (our children) to get into the best classes of the best schools in which to immerse ourselves/themselves in, right?


    So similarly, why not accelerate your growth via access to playing with better musicians - simply by choosing a different instrument like the viola? Stand out by taking the less trodden path to gain what everyone else misses out!


  • Regardless of who you are, working with better people leads to higher performance and results. Why say no to better results? Or the satisfaction that comes along with achieving that?



  • In addition to choosing a less trodden path, your uncommon specialty becomes even more valuable when it is needed. Given the "national shortage" of violists in Singapore, you can be sure recognition and rewards await you should you possess viola skills! So...


  • If you play an instrument you are probably considered privileged or even special by your peers. If you play the viola, you are a rare breed even among musicians.


  • If you are a violinist, you would be one in many. As a violist, chances are you will be sought after. As a good violist, you will be a rare and valuable find!


Performance Opportunities

  • Due to the larger number of violinists and cellists around, there are more opportunities to play in groups - be it in a school string ensemble, a string quartet, or any of the orchestras in Singapore where music lovers gather to play.


  • You can still play solo if you choose to!


Limitless Boundaries

  • Being an internationally performing soloist is regarded as prestigious: Will you like to be the first ever violist from Singapore to become one?


  • I switched to the viola at age 21 and got to where I am now. Where could you be if you start today?


Just in case you are starting out:



  • The viola is as portable as a violin

  • Access to buying violas available with trade-in possibilities*

Choose the viola today!


*Terms and conditions depend on vendor

Violist and Violin/Viola Pedagogue Jonathan (Yizhi) Lee, Singapore

Shoot for the Stars!

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