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Violin/Viola Lessons 

Specially Designed for You

We are all different. That includes us musicians!


So naturally, getting to know you and/or your child is one of my biggest considerations in our one-to-one lessons - I want your journey on the violin/viola to be a personal and thoroughly rewarding experience!

What do you hope to Achieve?


Expectations are a part and parcel of life. Do any of the following resonate with you?


  • You would like your child to develop (more) self-discipline
  • You would like your child to be more resilient
  • You would like your child to learn the value of patience and delayed gratification
  • You would like your child to acquire the skills to learn new pieces independently
  • You feel that you are "older" than your peers who started playing at a younger age
  • You want to try something new
  • You want to learn music for pure enjoyment/leisure
  • You would like to make music with others
  • You are open and curious as to where this could lead you
  • You (or your child) have hopes to embark on a musically fulfilling career

  • You (or your child) would like to master your instrument, not necessarily making it a career

  • You would like to pick up a hobby that is suitable for all ages

  • Other reasons, which might include a combination of the above!


Your desired outcomes are very important to me too - so lessons are specifically designed to better help you attain your goals!


Coincidentally, you will find learning the violin/viola through your lessons will be a thoroughly rewarding process as you surprise yourself doing what you might not have thought possible.



How Many Winning Formulas Will You Need?


Everyone has different approaches to learning. One of my greatest joys is helping you find your musical genius from within: Awakening and enhancing your learning skills so that you have many ways to develop and become the best that you can be!

Gain Performing Experience

Whether you are completely new to the stage or a seasoned player in performances and/or auditions, students have the opportunity to perform for a small audience in studio performance classes. 

In preparation for performance classes, students will also learn how to rehearse with a pianist should they be performing pieces that involve such a collaboration.


What about the Lessons?

Duration and Frequency

To make the most out of this learning experience, lessons are to be ideally on a weekly basis. Lesson durations vary: between 30min to 1 hour depending on your (or your child's) age and/or abilities.


Currently located near Teachers' Estate, Singapore:

  • 13min walk from Lentor MRT Station 

  • 7min walk from bus stops After Munshi Abdullah Avenue and/or Before Thomson Hills Drive (Bus services 138, 163, 855, 860)

To make enquiries/schedule lessons, please email me at:


Violist and Violin/Viola Pedagogue Jonathan (Yizhi) Lee, Singapore
Why Pay more for a Good Violin/Viola Teacher? 


Quality matters: Be it for leisure or an ambition to be "the best", there is unspoken but real value in having a good teacher. Here are some of them:
  • Injury prevention - Yes! You can actually injure yourself playing under poor instruction (which is unfortunately realized on hindsight) despite having well meaning teachers! Why not avoid this unnecessary problem and allow yourself the freedom to enjoy making music at all stages of your life?

  • Underlying details - Anyone can tell you to do something, leaving you to figure and reap the consequences. However, like bakers who know the precise balance of ingredients, the ideal  temperature and duration to bake their cakes, good music teachers can analyse and address students' various difficulties in depth, enlightening minds and making the physical programming work!

  • Leveraging on experience - It takes dedicated reflection and experience to come up with the most efficient methods and solutions. You could save yourself the hassle of "forever rediscovering America," effectively buying you hours that would have been otherwise wasted with no guarantees! The same is true for ideas in music interpretation.

  • Even if I "only" want some exposure to music? - The desire to be able to appreciate music is a common one. However, due to the multi-faceted of music one inevitably finds multi-dimensional approaches necessary when exploring this mind-centric activity, especially true when one plays an instrument. A well versed practitioner/guide can better take you on many refreshing and hands-on expeditions discovering our craft and even one's sense of self. Nothing brings forth boredom faster than when one concludes that "that is all there is".

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